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Ashington Track Works

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Network Rail and their partners will be working on the track between the two red dots from 9pm on Thursday 20th July until 6am on Monday 24th July as part of the work to restore passenger services to the Northumberland Line.

From Monday 17th July, there will be some preparation works and deliveries being made to the work sites and these will happen overnight (between 10pm and 6am) each night until the works starts on Thursday 20th July.

Following the completion of the main phase of track renewal works on Monday 24 July, the team will be working in the area to complete essential checks on track stability and any minor follow up activities. This will start from 8am Monday 24 July to 6pm Friday 29 July, and the team will be working continuously 24 hours a day.

We understand that track works near your property overnight is far from ideal and we're sorry in advance for any disruption this may cause. However, the team need to undertake the work continuously during this period to ensure the works are completed while there are no trains running along this section of the line. The nature of our work often means some disturbance is unavoidable, with the teams using generators, lighting, excavators, road rail vehicles, and powered hand tools. Rail based vehicles will also need to sound their horns before they move so that the teams working on the line are kept safe. The team are aware that they are working close to homes, and they will try to minimise unnecessary disruption as much as possible.

Hospital Level Crossing permanent closure

There will no access across Hospital Level Crossing from 9pm Thursday 20 July and following public consultation on options for Hospital Level Crossing in 2022, the project has progressed with proposals to permanently close the crossing with no replacement.

This means that, following completion of the works in July, the crossing will not re-open and fencing to permanently close off the crossing will be put in place.

Green Lane Level Crossing temporary closure

The works require the temporary closure of the Green Lane Level crossing from 9pm on Thursday 20 July until 6am Monday 24 July. A diversion will be in place for both vehicles and pedestrians during the period of closure.


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