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Bedlington Track Works Update

We're really pleased to report that the track works at Bedlington and Marcheys House are going well, with both work sites on schedule.

At Marcheys House, over 100m of track on both lines have been re-laid and new level crossing panels will be installed as part of the roadway.

At Bedlington, over 400m of new track has been installed on each line as well as new points so that trains can access Furnace Way sidings. New track has also been installed in the sidings and this will allow freight trains to be able to travel from North Blyth or Lynemouth towards the East Coast Main Line at Morpeth, with locomotives running round the trains in the sidings. This will keep the capacity for our two passenger trains per hour in each direction on the line and also keep important freight trains running, which in turn reduce the amount of lorry movements.

The new track will be "tamped" so that the ballast is level in and around the new track. Here's some pictures showing the progress of the works at Bedlington on Monday 14th August and thanks to Network Rail for allowing us to visit the site & share these images of track being welded and the tamping machine on the new track.


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