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Track Works & Level Crossing Closure at West Sleekburn (Marcheys House)

From 10pm on Thursday 10th August until 10pm on Tuesday 15th August, the level crossing next to Marcheys House signal box will be closed.

The level crossing will be closed as track works are taking place to renew around 100m of each running line as part of the works to restore passenger trains to the Northumberland Line.

The work will be happening 24hrs per day and the works will be noisy, including horns being operated by cranes and trains so that everyone working on the site is kept safe.

We apologise in advance for the disruption the works will cause.

The map to the right shows the extent of the work site and where the current track will be replaced with brand new track, so that trains can run faster in this area.

All local businesses in the area will remain open as usual and diversions will be signposted for road users during the level crossing closure.

For pedestrians, we will be running a free shuttle bus during the closure so that you can get from one side of the level crossing to the other. The shuttle bus will stop at all stops along the line of route, with buses running from Church Avenue to River Bank East via Wansbeck Terrace, Brock Lane, Moorland Avenue, A1147 & Wansbeck Terrace (& vice-versa). The shuttle bus will also connect with the daytime journeys on the 434 route which won't be able to serve the route from Brock Lane & Wansbeck Terrace.

The free shuttle bus timetables for each day are shown below:


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