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Cycle link to Bedlington Station

The council has scooped almost £15m funding towards new cycling and walking routes for Bedlington and Tynedale

- to make it easier, safer and greener for people to get around the county.

The local authority secured over £14.7m through the Government’s Levelling Up Fund (LUF) - a multi-billion pound scheme for eligible local authorities to invest in infrastructure that improves everyday life, including regenerating town centres, high streets and upgrading local transport.

In Bedlington, the scheme will provide new and upgraded active travel infrastructure to improve the east to west link across the town, connecting key residential and employment areas with the planned Northumberland Line station.

Additional benefits to this route include connections to schools across the town.

Council Leader Cllr Glen Sanderson: "This is incredibly good news for the county and especially communities in Bedlington and Tynedale.

“The benefits of using our cars less where we can and taking more sustainable transport are well known to us all and this is exactly the kind of investment which will make a real difference.

“A considerable amount of work was carried out to develop a suite of Local Cycling and Walking Plans for the county and we're delighted these two schemes were successful in securing Levelling Up funding."


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