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New Equipment at Bedlington North Foot Crossing

Bedlington North foot crossing, between Barrington Road and Blenheim Drive estate, has seen some significant changes as part of the recent upgrades to the level crossings and signalling in the Bedlington area.

Access over the North Bedlington foot level crossing has been controlled using lockable gates, overseen by the signal controller located in the signal box. As part of the signalling upgrade, the gates have been replaced and will no longer automatically lock when a train is approaching the crossing.

To ensure the safety of the pedestrian crossing, a piece of equipment called an Overlay Miniature Stop Light (OMSL) system has been installed on either side of the foot crossing. The OMSL is a small traffic light with a red and green signal light to indicate when it is safe to cross the railway tracks. The crossing is also fitted with an audible warning device.

As the Northumberland Line re-opens for passenger services, there will be an increased number of trains on the line. Please be aware the gates will no longer lock when it is unsafe to cross the line and pedestrians must instead check the lights before attempting to cross.

We are committed to keeping everyone who uses the railway or lives near it as safe as possible. When you are walking near or across a level crossing, you must always:

·        Concentrate – it is easy to drift off and take more notice of your phone, music or conversation than what’s going on around you.

·        This crossing is fitted with lights and an audible warning system, make sure you read the instructions on how to use the crossing understand what they mean. Make sure you remain behind the gates until it is safe to cross.

·        Stay behind the gate if the light is Red until the train has passed. Remember there may be more than one train – and they may be coming from different directions.

·        Cross quickly and safely – Make sure your exit route is clear and do not stop when crossing.


More information about the safe use of level crossings can be found at:


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