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Changes to Roadworks on South Newsham Road from 25th March

This phase involves transitioning both east and west bound traffic onto the new east roundabout, which will be partially open to traffic from Thursday 21 March.

From Monday 25 March three-way traffic lights will be reinstalled at the east end of the site, which will include Sandringham Drive. These will be in place for two weeks and will allow the final excavation works to be completed.  

This phase also involves diverting the existing shared pedestrian and cycle path, which ran adjacent to the A1061 (south side), onto its new permanent alignment, shown in green below. The route shown in green will become the pedestrian/ cycle access along the A1061.

Once this switch is completed, the north side footway will close while works take place to widen and improve the route and complete the final roundabout works. During the works, all pedestrians and cyclists will be diverted onto the opposite footpath at a designated crossing point.

Please note that this is the second in several phases of work, aiming to enable all pedestrians, cyclists and traffic to move onto the new alignment by Spring 2024.

During this time there will be disruption to two bus stops on A1061 South Newsham Road, as shown in the plan below. Eastbound bus stop 1 to the east of Blagdon Drive will remain closed, with temporary bus stop 2 relocated to the west side of Blagdon Drive.

Westbound bus stop 3 west of Sandringham Drive will be closed, with the nearest bus stop 4 at the east side of Sandringham Drive. These will be in place and effective from Thursday 21 March 2024. Please see signs at bus stops in these locations for more details.


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