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Closure of Chase Meadows Foot Crossing

The pedestrian foot crossing at Chase Meadows will close from Thursday 4th April.

It has always been the intention to install a new footbridge to replace the existing pedestrian crossing across the tracks as part of the Northumberland Line. However, due to the rising costs of footbridge construction, other options have had to be considered, including changing the type of bridge to one which offers better value for money.

Until this option review has concluded, and as a bridge will not be constructed prior to train driver and conductor training commencing on the line in April 2024, the foot crossing needs to be closed to preserve safety.

This is because the Northern trains undertaking the driver and conductor training will be running on the line in addition to the existing freight services, from early April 2024. Following the commissioning of the new signalling system, these trains will be timetabled to run at greater speeds and more frequently than the trains currently using the route. This training is being carried out in preparation for the commencement of passenger services in Summer 2024.

We will provide an update on options for this crossing in conjunction with Network Rail in the near future.


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