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Pop to it

When the Northumberland Line opens later this summer, there'll be two ways that you can pay for your journeys.

If you're travelling on the Tyne & Wear Metro as well as a Northumberland Line train, then you'll need a Pop card to get the best value fares.

If you're just travelling on the train, you can buy your ticket in advance from websites or the Northern mobile phone app, as well as from ticket vending machines on each of our stations.

Pop card's are available if you're buying a season ticket or as a Pay As You Go option where you can store credit on your card and then tap in and out at any Northumberland Line or Tyne & Wear Metro station.

For more information on Season Ticket, Single or Day Ticket prices, click here

Young people can save massively on travel with a Pop Blue card, with single fares priced at just £1 for anyone under 21.

Find out more about Pop by clicking on the links below

Each station on the Northumberland Line will have card readers that Pop card holders will need to tap in at the start of your journey and then tap out at the end of your journey. Stations on the Tyne & Wear Metro already have card readers, so if you get a Pop card now, you can give it a try before the Northumberland Line opens.


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