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Track Renewals, Level Crossing Replacement & Signal Box Demolition at Marcheys House

Updated: Mar 21

As part of the Northumberland Line works, we'll be upgrading Marcheys House level crossing. This will include replacing the level crossing barriers, removing the existing signal box, installing new signalling equipment and resurfacing works. These works will start from 10pm on Thursday 28 March and will be completed by 6am on Monday 15 April. Works will be undertaken 24 hours a day.

The level crossing works will also require the use of a tamper and engineering trains, as well as a mechanical excavator and power tools, which could cause noise, vibration and dust.

As with the track renewals, we will take measures to limit this noise but will not be able to remove it.

The works outlined will require the closure of Marcheys House level crossing on Wansbeck Terrace to vehicles and pedestrians on the following dates and times.

·        10pm on Thursday 28 March to 6am on Monday 15 April.

A diversion route will be clearly signposted and a shuttle bus will be provided for pedestrians. To keep up to date with road closure dates and times, the timetable for the shuttle buses, and alternative pedestrian routes, please visit For updates on bus routes and times please see

Shuttle Bus Timetables

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