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Ashington works

Details of the latest works in Ashington are summarised below.

To maintain safe pedestrian access to Wansbeck Square from Kenilworth Road Northumberland Line contractor Morgan Sindall have created a temporary footpath that will run in parallel to the car park entrance. The existing footpath will be closed from Thursday 20 October.

Land beside Kenilworth Road in Ashington, showing location of temporary footpath

Following this closure the work site will be extended to include the grassed area, as shown in yellow below. This work site will become the Ashington town centre and station car park and the existing vegetation alongside Kenilworth Road will be maintained and incorporated into the car park.

As part of the planning application compensatory planting was agreed with Northumberland County Council. Therefore planting will take place at People's Park, Ashington to compensate for the removal of the grassed area shown.

Land taken for the temporary work site and new Ashington town and station car park

The car park works will be complete by Autumn 2023.


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