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Level Crossing Closures & Track Works at Green Lane, Ashington

Our teams will be undertaking works to continue the upgrade of the Level Crossing on Green Lane, Ashington. The works will be undertaken on the following dates and times:

From 10pm to 6am between Monday 18 Sept to Thursday 21 Sept (night-time works)

From 10pm on Saturday 28 October to 5am on Monday 30 October (24/7 works)

From 10pm to 5am between Tuesday 31 October to Friday 3 November (night-time works)

The works will be undertaken in the location shown below, and the team will need to use machinery including mechanical excavator and power tools in order to complete the works.

Track works: Green Lane to Ashington Station

Following on from our track upgrade works in July, we need to undertake works using a machine called a Tamper works to ensure the new track is level. The location of the works area is shown below and will be undertaken from 10pm on Tuesday 26 September to 5.30am on Wednesday 27 September (night-time works):

These works will form part of moving work site so will not be by your property for the full duration of the works. Where the teams are working though, engineering trains will need to be used at times. Unfortunately, these can be noisy and need to sound their horns when moving near workers to help ensure safety. To limit noise during the works, where possible equipment will be turned off when not in use, and battery operated machinery will be used. However, although these measures may limit noise, they will not remove it.

Level Crossing closures

Green Lane Level Crossing will be closed and a diversion in place for vehicles on the following dates and times. A marshall will aid pedestrians to cross during the works:


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