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Park Terrace in Bedlington - Footway Closure

We will shortly be expanding the station construction work site and altering the location of the site boundary fence along the west side of Park Terrace and the south of Barrington Road. In order to carry out this work safely, a temporary footway closure will be in place 24/7 on Park Terrace, as per the image below.

The works are planned to start on Monday 15 April 2024 and are anticipated to last approximately 6 months. Please note that works will take place during the day, with the occasional overnight working when required, both through the week and on weekends. Residents will be written to in advance of any overnight working.

During this period pedestrians will be diverted via Ravensworth Street and the north side of Barrington Road.

Any noise and local disruption will be kept as minimal as practically possible.


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