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Track Works & Crossing Closures at Bedlington North

Network Rail will be carrying out track levelling work using a machine called a tamper. These works are currently anticipated to take place over a section of track from just north of Bedlington South Level Crossing, extending approximately 500m from the track junction in Bedlington along the north and north-west tracks as shown by the red line on the below map, from 4pm Thursday 6 June to 5:30am Saturday 8 June. Further works will take place from 11pm on Tuesday 2 July until 5:30am Wednesday 3 July. These works will take place 24 hours a day, however the works will form part of moving work site so will not be by your homes for the full duration of the works.  

Unfortunately, this type of work can be noisy and we will limit noise wherever feasible, including by turning equipment off when not in use and using battery operated machinery. However, some disruption will be unavoidable. 

During this period, Bedlington North Level Crossing and Bedlington North Foot Crossing are scheduled to be closed. A diversionary route, which has been agreed with the council, will be in place for your convenience.

We will also be using these road closures to complete some essential drainage works along Barrington Road to avoid additional disruption at a later date.

We understand that working near homes and working overnight is far from ideal and we are sorry in advance for any disruption these essential works may cause. Our teams have been briefed and will be mindful when carrying out this work, making sure all the relevant mitigations are in place to avoid excess noise. We will also continue to keep you updated with any work taking place near to your homes.

For any queries about this track work and associated road closures please call the Network Rail National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41, which is available 24/7. 


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