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Track Works at Bebside

Updated: Dec 20, 2023


We will be working along a 500m length of the railway track in Blyth Bebside 24

hours a day from 9pm on Saturday 6 January until 6am on Monday 8 January, in the location shown below.

The works will include consolidating the track bed using a machine called a tamper and will result in noise and temporary disruption for line side neighbours.

These works will form part of a moving work site so will not be by your property for the full duration of the works.

During these works, engineering trains will need to be used and will need to sound

their horns when moving near workers to help ensure safety. To limit noise during

the works, where possible equipment will be turned off when not in use, and battery operated machinery will be used. However, although these measures may limit noise, they will not remove it completely.

Bebside Level Crossing will also be closed to vehicles and pedestrians for the duration of these works. A diversion route will be clearly sign posted and a shuttle

bus will be provided to assist pedestrians and the timetables are shown below.

We understand that working near your property and working overnight is far from

ideal and we are sorry in advance for any disruption these essential works may

cause. While the track renewal works are being undertaken, no other trains can

use the track and therefore we need to complete the works as quickly as possible

to limit disruption to other users of the line.

For any queries about this track work, please call the Network Rail National Helpline on 03457 11 41 41 (available 24/7).


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