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Northumberland Line "Event"

We're aware of an "event" created on Facebook claiming the Northumberland Line and Newsham Station is opening on Sunday, June 2nd.

While we're making good progress, we want to be clear neither the station nor the line is opening this weekend. There is no event. We'll let everyone know as soon as we have a date confirmed, in the coming months.


Jun 13

Could you show a landscaping plan & how the roundabouts are to be finished and MANTAINED.

Thank you


Jun 11

Summer ends August 31. Will it be open by then? or are we now looking at Autumn/Winter? Progress at Newsham seems awfully slow to me. It would be helpful to let people know what the plan is in terms of when passengers will be able to travel on the line and when all the roadworks are likely to be completed. Surely there's a project plan with actual projected end dates? If it's running late again it would be better to state that and provide the reason.

7 days ago
Replying to

The line will open later this Summer and we'll share a date when it's available

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