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Project Milestone at Northumberland Park

We are delighted to share that we have safely and successfully installed a 160 tonne Crawler Crane on site at Northumberland Park.  Space constraints at Northumberland Park meant that the crane, measuring 6.8 metres wide, with a 37.4m maximum boom height, had to first be built on nearby Rotary Road, and was then driven into position on Algernon Drive during the early hours on Wednesday 10th January.

We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to local residents, who have been fantastically accommodating with parking their cars to ensure that we had a clear route to manoeuvre the crane.

The installation of the crane marks a significant milestone in the station construction works, and the next phase will see the construction of a piled wall to create a division between resident’s gardens and the station platform. The crane will first be utilised to hoist piling rigs into place and will subsequently serve to transport materials.

This approach will reduce the need for frequent deliveries through the local estate, minimising disruption to the residents and in turn reducing the carbon footprint arising from the project.


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