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Overnight Works at Newsham Level Crossing (Mon 17 June 2024)

We will be partially dismantling the level crossing barriers at South Newsham level crossing from 9pm on Monday 17 June to 2am on Tuesday 18 June, in the area highlighted in red below. The level crossing will be temporarily closed for vehicles and pedestrians for a period up to 15 minutes during the works. There will no more than one closure per hour, and they will only be undertaken where necessary to ensure the works are completed safely.   

During this work, there is potential for some additional noise from vehicles and machinery which could impact on people living close by. We will aim to keep noise to a minimum.

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15 jun

There are rumours going around that there is some construction ‘issues’ with the new road bridge at Newsham Station. Could you possibly comment on this and how will it affect the opening of the line ? Thanks.

Me gusta
20 jun
Contestando a

There's some additional work taking place on the bridge at Newsham station but this won't delay when the line will open

Me gusta
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